Joel Barolsky publishes most of his thought-leadership articles on his blog
Relationship Capital. Here are some of the most Liked and Shared posts plus a few articles from other publications:

7 key enablers of smart collaboration - how to from being collegiate to truly collaborative

From pyramids to rockets to ecosystems ( - the evolution of the professional service firm delivery model

From collegiate to collaborative - why collaboration is hard and what to do about it

A professional services value chain - 12 ways a firm can improve its profitability and competitiveness

Five 5-year predictions - where the SME legal market is going (ALPMA blog guest post)

The state of the legal market - conclusion from the 2017 Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor MLS Report

Are your practice groups primed to win? - getting all the parts to sum up to something more

10 questions for your plan B - implications on technology change on law firm structure, strategy, style and skills

Pirouettes or Death Spirals - Op-ed on the Australian mid-tier legal market from Australian Financial Review 30 June 2017

People, relationships, data: a focus for boards - an article in CPA Australia’s IN THE BLACK

10 reasons culture eats strategy for breakfast - how a positive and productive culture generates profits

Success = Ability + Stability + Agility - how to become a more agile and innovative firm while retaining core strengths

Innovation for sceptics - how to innovate when your firm is filled with smart sceptics

2016 Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor State of the Legal Market - Joel was lead author of this report

The blockchain - what is it and what should in-house lawyers do about it (see Autumn 2017, page 18)

Two-speed firms: the problem and solutions - dealing with differentials in partner commitment and contribution

Five steps to becoming a more agile firm - creating the right foundations to innovate

Culture fit, or do you mean no misfit - don't confuse misfits with cultural catalysts

Is 2017 the year the fat smoker quits? - the forces for change might finally be overwhelming the constraints

There are two words in “strategic plan” - some practical advice on how to make strategic plans more useful

Five lessons from five years going solo - insights from the first few years as a freelance management consultant

The Taxi Taxonomy - client analysis on the run

Butcher butcher's paper - innovating with Google Docs in strategy workshops

Getting true client commitment - co-authored with Jon Huxley of Beca on the critical role of leadership in CRM

Norton Rose Fulbright and LawPath - stress testing a NewLaw and BigLaw venture

Is your board focused on strategy or operations - getting your board to pay attention to really important issues

Stress test your client strategy - five categories of client strategies for you to stress test your key account plans

What’s your sneaker strategy - getting clarity on how you will outrun your competitors

Adding adding value - a fresh way to communicate the value you offer to key clients

Advancing the retreat - tips to get more from strategy off-sites, conferences and retreats

The market test - assessing your firm's strategic health as an external investor would

Top 20 workshop facilitation tips and secrets - some practical ideas to run better workshops

Redefining shared services - getting more from HR, IT, finance and marketing

The keys to cross-selling - some practical ideas to improve product knowledge across the firm

10 things to do different - making sure your plans are not just more of the same

From MY client to OUR client - why client hoarding is still such an issue and what to do about it

What’s wrong with the sales pipeline - adapting the McKinsey 3 Horizon Growth Model to key account management

Top 10 differentiation tips - an article from the APSMA PSF Journal on how to differentiate your firm

Smarter relationship pricing - co-authored with Colin Jasper covering the merits of incentivised retainers

Can you handle the truth - introducing the Barolsky Barometer cultural mapping tool

Your loyalty levers: head, heart and ego - moving beyond client satisfaction to drive client loyalty

Reports of BigLaw’s death are magnified - article from The Australian on legal industry trends

Efforts made for clients define tier one firms - article from The Australian on how top-tier firms manage their key clients

What’s your mantra - getting clarity and consensus of your firm’s strategic intent with each key client

Two slides of the client loyalty coin - the importance of getting a good rap AND a good dollar from your clients

Do you know your client’s KPIs - the power of understanding what truly drives client behaviour

Taking the Maister trust equation to a new level - a new formula for building trusted B2B relationships

Facilitating a strategic dialogue around key clients - getting everyone on the firm to share insights around key clients

Are you client-focused or client compelled - recognising the importance of asserting your rights as a supplier

The power of unsolicited proposals - the discipline of consistently thinking how else you could help your client

Don't just set and forget - the keys to ongoing key client governance

So you're ranked your key clients. Now what? - making clear distinctions between your different tiers of clients

The problem of share-of-wallet as a KPI - finding better metrics to assess your key client relationships