Leadership Summits

Over the past 27 years we've facilitated over a 1,000 partner retreats, conferences, offsites, planning workshops and meetings. These events usually have one things in common: helping the firm's executive or partnership group address their most critical strategic issues.

Our experience includes work with partners, boards, executive teams, practice groups, business services teams and senior associates.

If one deconstructs the phrase "partner retreat", we note that attendees are labeled as
partners and not leaders, and secondly, the term retreat (usually unintentionally) implies running away or retreating from problems. We strongly believe that these meetings should be framed as conversations of the firm's leaders and a summit that will solve problems and create alignment around future direction.

Our facilitation work generally falls into six categories:
  • Vision and strategy development
  • Priority setting, resource allocation and action planning
  • Creating alignment and buy-in to strategic initiatives
  • Ideation, self-disruption and innovation
  • Organisation design
  • Optimisation of executive team function and alignment.

We don't have a "cookie-cutter" approach. Every engagement is highly tailored after extensive client consultation. We try practice what we preach - see our blog article on
top 20 tips and secrets to workshop facilitation.

Given Barolsky Advisors' in-depth industry knowledge of the professions, we bring both a content expertise as well as strong facilitation skills. The facilitation often includes injecting the discussion with relevant case studies, benchmarks and conceptual frameworks. It also includes selecting the right tools to gather input from participants:

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Source: Leadership Summits That Work by Bob Frisch and Cary Greene, Harvard Business Review, March 2015