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"Joel is a key advisor to the firm and me.  His advice is practical and straightforward.  He is aware of current trends but grounded in reality.  He is a sounding board for just about everything I do at the firm. We have had significant success in recent years – in my mind, there is no doubt that Joel has contributed greatly to this success.  We enjoy and appreciate working with him. I have no hesitation in recommending Joel."

Tony Macvean, Managing Partner of Hall & Wilcox Lawyers and Managing Partner of the Year winner.

Australian Financial Review, 30 June 2017

Welcome to
Barolsky Advisors, a leading management consulting firm with a deep understanding of the culture and complexities of professional service organisations, in particular law, accounting, engineering and business advisory firms.

A significant proportion of the firm’s recent work has been in:
  • crafting strategy for firms, practice groups and client relationship teams
  • conducting strategic reviews
  • mapping organisation culture
  • auditing critical client relationships to drive profit growth
  • helping firms increase their yield from their key client programs
  • facilitating business critical meetings, retreats and workshops
  • reviewing governance and organisation design
  • advising on pie-splitting and partner remuneration arrangements
  • delivering high-impact training and development programs
  • making keynote presentations at partner retreats and industry conferences.

Joel is the lead author of the
2016 Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor Melbourne Law School: State of the Australian Legal Market Report.

Barolsky Advisors has recently launched two new services: [1]
Leadership Summits - a fresh approach to partner retreats as well as board, practice group and executive team strategy offsites, and [2] a key client strategic growth initiative called Profit Growth Now!

The firm is creating proprietary knowledge and tools in the area of
relationship capital. This relates to professional firms treating their key client and referrer relationships as ‘assets’ and developing fresh initiatives to protect, measure and leverage these assets.

Barolsky Advisors has a close association with
The University of Melbourne. Joel Barolsky is Senior Fellow in the Melbourne Law School and is head of the Advisory Board of the University's Program for Jewish Culture and Society.

Joel has a very active LinkedIn profile with daily posts of useful material. Click here to view his profile and to connect:
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From a recent client workshop...

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Recent highlights include: